“We can help you identify the business relationships that are letting you down and guide you to improve them”

Being either Japan, the largest mature country in the area, or China with its already massive but still growing middle class, Asia is strategically very important. But selling to Asia is easily said than done. Often, leading manufacturers will need to sell there to keep their position on their own market. Competition is fierce and a global presence is very often the only way not to be washed away by foreign competitors. Also, we find that these markets, by being very demanding, are a drive for our clients to make clearer their strategy, and develop stronger positions at home.

Products or service adaptations are often needed, and we are here to guide you on where, how and to whom selling.

Every business model is different and we tailor the Stratasia offering to suit the specific needs of our clients. In our experience, we can usually help in one of two ways.

1. Market entry strategy and positioning

If you are seeking to introduce and sell products into the Asian market, we can advise you on the following:

  • market research
  • market entry strategy
  • competitor analysis
  • commercial viability
  • snapshot of your existing business (including branding, clients, turnover, cost control, budgeting)
  • market development (including selecting agents or distributors)
  • distribution and channel advice
  • promotion
  • marketing consumer products through the right media

2. Growing existing market presence and/or expanding distribution

If you already have an established business in Asia and need strategic advice on expanding your distribution channels or growing your presence, here’s how we can help:

Set up regional management or distribution structures 

You want to take control of your sales. We can help by creating a suitable structure locally – representative office, branch or subsidiary. We can also help you find the right location for an office, store or show room, look for quality staff and perform other associated tasks on your behalf.

Cultivate better relationships with business partners »

Some relationships are more profitable than others. We can help you identify which relationships are letting you down and help you to improve them.

Audit your market presence 

You have your own structure already in place and you want to increase efficiency. We can perform an audit of your current profile and optimise your operations and sales channels.

Change business partners 

Always a sensitive issue, the process of changing business partners is further complicated in Asia by cultural differences. You need to be careful about the way you communicate. We can manage the ending of your business relationship on your behalf, making sure that your former customer/partner does not undermine your brand image on their way out. We will also look for a new partner for you, keeping in mind your business requirements and also our experience in the type of partner who will help you in the long term.